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During the long winter nights of Iceland, the importance of a great bed becomes very apparent. Sleep is essential to everyone and plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout a person's life. One third of one’s life is spent sleeping, that is in average about 200.000 hours of sleep over one’s lifetime. This is not counting all the other hours we spend in bed; reading, cuddling, thinking, drinking coffee or dancing to the radio.​

Since we lie with our nose pressed into our mattress for approximately 200.000 hours of our life, with nothing but a cotton sheet separating us from its fibers and fumes, giving thought to what your mattress is made of becomes very important. A bed is something you own and use for years and years, so we should choose carefully and think about quality.


We will not go on about the dangers of synthetic foam, fireproofing chemicals, adhesives or memory foam although here you can find some reading material on the subject. What we want to tell you about are the great qualities of the woollen bed.

Wool has built in thermal control

Wool has amazing thermal qualities, absorbing and retaining heat in cold conditions but cooling in warm conditions. Not only will your wool mattress feel warm to the touch, it will regulate the warmth in your bed so you will have the optimal temperature for comfort and rest.


Wool is naturally absorbent

The wools fiber shape pulls moisture from your skin, retains it and releases it without this affecting its thermal properties. It can also hold up to 30% humidity without feeling damp, while f.x. cotton feels damp after 15%.


Wool is resistant to mold, mildew and bedbugs

Due to the wool’s ability to repel moisture, letting it pass through its fibers without holding it, mold and mildew can not live and grow in it. In addition bed bugs can not survive in wool.


Wool is naturally non-allergenic

Due to wool being virtually non-allergenic, with the rare exception of people allergic to Lanolin, it is also known to improve the sleep and overall condition of people suffering from allergies.



Wool is resistant to static, dirt and dust

Because of the genius design of the wool fibers it will not collect much static, which in return means that it does not collect much dust, dirt or lint. In addition, due to the fiber’s surface of overlapping scales, stains will come off easily.


Wool has a built in fire extinguisher

Simply put, wool does not burn. Not only that, in case of a fire it creates its own self-insulating char that prevents further flame spread and extinguishes itself. If you really want to burn your wool mattress you will need an increased amount of oxygen and very high heat.


Wool is biodegradable

Our mattress topper is made from pure new wool, in and out, with no harmful additives. This means that once your mattress has had a lifetime of giving you comfort and healthy sleep it can simply be recycled, or composted. From nature to nature.




Wool is an excellent bedding material for people who suffer from allergies, joint ailments and sleeping disorders. Studies have shown that sleeping on a wool mattress tends to lower the heart rate which is an indicator of deep sleep and relaxed state. The wools ability to regulate the temperature and keep your bed dry is beneficial for relieving pains and aches in the body and joints. Here you can find a few articles on the benefits of sleeping on wool.


All those qualities help to make the RÓ mattress topper a perfect “cherry on the top” for your bed. Those fortunate enough to have slept on the RÓ mattress have stated that it has had an overall beneficial effects for the body, its thermal effects have improved sleep, in addition to an overall improvement in comfort.

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