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If you could look inside your mattress you would see all the different colors of the Icelandic sheep


We alternate layers of combed and piled up, shredded wool creating a soft and even filling


A well trained hand and an observative eye are important elements of creating each mattress


The upholstery is of supreme quality; dense, soft and all wool


The tufting makes sure that everything stays in place, and gives the mattress it’s beautiful final touch

RÓ kvadrat upholstery wool mattress

Each Ró mattress is custom made in our workshop in the remote town of Seyðisfjörður, on the eastern shores of Iceland.


In the spirit of contemporary craftsmanship the Ró mattress is made of wool - inside out and in every detail materials have been carefully selected from an overall philosophy of utilizing the natural properties of basic and clean resources. The mattress is developed with a focus on local resource and with the acknowledgement to work in dialogue with local and international experts in their field. The result is a product that is neither a compromise in looks, feel or in everyday use. The materials used for the mattress add up to a unique whole where the different textures and processing compliment each other in the best way, assembled by hand.


Each mattress is thus unique while always meeting the standards of quality that is required of such a product. A day in the workshop is a pleasurable one where highly trained hands and keen eyes work together, not forgetting to sip some tea in between weighing wool, hammering out tufts, stitching sides and wrapping up the latest mattress heading into the world.

RÓ wool icelandic mattress natural pure

The Icelandic sheep has, through centuries of living in cold climate, developed a unique kind of wool, composed of two kinds of hair; Tog which is very long and sturdy, and Þel, a short, extremely soft underlayer. This quality makes the Icelandic wool particularly good for mattress making since the long Tog is very long and strong while the wonderfully soft Þel is irregularly curly and therefore full of air and retains warmth better than any other wool.


The Ró mattress is filled with layers built up of pure new Icelandic wool. The large volumes of air between fibres enhance the amount of breathing space for the naturally curly structures and elasticity of the wool.

RÓ wool upholstery kvadrat mattress design

For the first edition of the Ró mattress topper the upholstery fabrics Divina MD, color 0213 and 0813 from Kvadrat will be covering the mattresses.

Our upholstery fabric is supplied by Kvadrat, famous for their quality design textiles.. The choice of fabric for the RÓ mattress topper is made with a focus on quality. We utilize a dense wool fabric which will act as a natural membrane towards the combed and loose wool fibres inside the mattress. This way we can optimize the durable properties of the material by using only wool inside and out. Furthermore great care has been put into the visual outcome, where the high quality upholstery works in harmony with the tufting and other small details, creating a beautiful object that will add grace and beauty to any space, whether you choose it for your living room or a sleep setting.


The quality of the fabric is important for the durability of the mattress and Kvadrat is a company that produces durable, well designed upholstery fabrics with a contemporary yet timeless character.


The general practice and ideology of RoShamBo is to focus on what is available and present; that all matter is in constant flux and to honor seasonal changes and what they bring. Therefore the color palette chosen for each series of wool mattresses is limited without ever compromising in quality. Our wool mattresses will always be of the best quality with a minimum of 90% wool content.


RoShamBo design RÓ woolmattress cozy

RoShamBo is a collaboration of three artists and designers living and working in Seyðisfjörður, a small town on the east coast of Iceland. The team, Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdóttir, Litten Nystrøm and Þórunn Eymundardóttir have for several years been throwing back and forth the idea of creating a beautiful mattress from Icelandic wool. The result is the Ró mattress.


RoShamBo have their workshop set up in Seyðisfjörður and that is where the Ró mattress is produced. The tight knit team work together on all phases of the production where each individual brings their skillset to the mix.

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