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Like with so many things in life that you cherish, your own woolen mattress will require some tender love and care - but the reward is worth it.

Regular Maintenance

Since wool is naturally self cleaning to a certain degree your mattress does not really require washing, apart from the occasional surface stain that can be brushed of with a velvet brush or, it that does not work then carefully washed off with a damp cloth. However, airing it and giving it a vigorous shaking is about as invigorating for your mattress as a refreshing hike would be for yourself.

  • Dust your mattress against the snow and then let it stand outside in the frost for a while, the result will be better than any dry cleaning we have heard of.

  • Alternatively, should you live in warmer climates, you can take your mattress out for a sunbath, air it, shake it, fluff it and let it stand out in direct sunlight for a part of a day.


This should be done yearly to maintain a healthy, clean and fluffy mattress.

For optimal care both rituals should be exercised. Snow bath in winter and sun bath in summer will prolong the life of your mattress, get rid of all dust and smell and fluff it up too.


  • Both sides of your mattress are created equal so when you start seeing your body impression on your mattress, roll it up one time and then flip it. This will make the impressed side settle down while it’s on the bottom and your mattress will maintain the feel of being new for much longer. Do this regularly along with the snow and sun baths and your mattress will give you comfort and a good night’s rest for years to come.

   In Case of a Disaster
  • In case of a disaster which really requires cleaning with water, always use lukewarm water and preferably no soap. Soak the stain or the entire mattress for a while and then use plenty of water to wash it out. Do not scrub or spin, but a moderate wring is ok. Let it dry flat with an absorbent underlayer and in a warm setting, outside if possible. Then give it a good shake and air once dry again.


There will always be a certain pressing of the filling once you start using your mattress, due to this it’s thickness will go down by approximately 20%. This is natural and does not mean loss of quality. Your mattress is made of all-natural materials and as such it will age gracefully over time.


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