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Meet the first new born member of the RÓ family!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

We are delighted to present or new RÓ Baby Mattress and Childrens Mattress. The first items in a new product range for babies and children. 

The RÓ Baby Mattress and Childrens Mattrees are all natural, toxin free small mattresses made especially for babies and children (to accomodate diffrent body weights), 

filled with pure, clean wool from Icelandic sheep. A RÓ Baby- or Childrens Mattress is beautiful also as a floor play mat when the child has outgrown his/her crib and as a soft seat for children and adults alike - and thereby able to be a life companioun. A beautiful place to rest and conscious choice also for the environment.

We have been contemplating adding the baby mattress for some time, and finally it is ready and available for order. A good sound sleep is important from day one, and we love to offer an alternative to toxin filled synthetic mattresses, which is also a statement of simplicity and an investment not only for the first year, beacuse of the versatile and beautifully crafted nature of the mattress that invites to continuous use. 

Out in rural East Iceland where we are located, we treasure that things last and will not pollute our beautiful surroundings both when investing in products and during the manufacturing of our RÓ collection. Wool is here a natural resource and for every mattress we ship abroad we plant at least one tree.The wool we use come from sheep that have been roaming around freely on the countryside, nourished by greens and herbs, clean river water and unlimited amounts of cool, fresh air. 

Something to cherrish and appreciate and we are gratefull also for the support of our local community and for Atvinnumál Kvenna and The Regional Development fond for the invaluable support that has give us the possibility to explore our local invironment, material and possibilities in the design process for this new collection. The next items we will launch are all greatly inspired by the fjörds that are anchor points in our region and Iceland.

With our new lítill / little RÓ, we want to introduce tiny hands and minds for the diversity that surrounds us in products that inspire to use ones imagination and befriend the other animals with whom we co-exist. We are looking forward to show you the RÓ Sea-bed Friends soon! 

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